Uppsala University Art Collection

Uppsala University has one of Sweden’s largest collections of early European paintings. The university art collections has around 7,000 objects – paintings, engravings, drawings, tapestries, carpets, furniture and crafts.

The university’s art collections are highly diversified and fill a number of functions. Several thousand works of art hang on the walls of university departments and administrative buildings. Works from the portrait collection tell the story of the university in the University Main Building. A study collection, containing paintings and sculpture from the 14th to the 19th Centuries, is on display in the Uppsala art museum, housed in the Castle. The study collection is the result of a number of important gifts that the university received in the mid-1800s. The idea of an art museum where students could become familiar with the history of Western art was presented by the university’s Master of Drawings, Johan Way, in the 1830s.

The Augsburg Art Cabinet onlineOne of the most spectacular, and historically interesting objects is the Augsburg Art Cabinet. This was presented as a gift to King Gustav II Adolf by the town of Augsburg in 1632. The Cabinet, which can be described as a miniature cabinet of curiosities, was given to Uppsala University on 1694 by King Karl XI and is now on display where it was first placed in Gustavianum.
Do a virtual tour inside the Cabinet: “The Augsburg Art Cabinet online”

The university art collections also contain the furniture and paintings at Hammarby, Carl von Linné’s summer residence outside Uppsala.