New temporary exhibition: Near and Far

An exhibition of photographs documenting the excavations that Uppsala University has had responsibility for in two places of cultural and historical importance. The exhibition opens on April 14th and continues until further notice.

The camera has been an important tool for archaeologists since the 19th century. While the methods of archaeology dismantle history’s time capsules, photographs preserve them. Together they bring the past into the present.

Two important excavations that archaeologists from Uppsala have participated in took place at Valsgärde in Uppland and at Asine in Greece. These excavations not only affected archaeological research at Uppsala University, but also had an important role in the development of various archaeological disciplines in Sweden.

Hundreds of photographs from the excavations are available today in the collections of Gustavianum.They give us valuable information about archaeological finds, but also about working methods and life in the field. The images tell us about people – the ancient and the modern – and about their communities, conflicts, hard work and fun times.

New temporary exhibition: Near and Far