Uppsala University Coin Cabinet

Uppsala University Coin Cabinet keeps Uppsala University’s collections of coins, bank notes and other objects pertaining to payments, in addition to medals and similar works of art. The coins and medals that came with the Augsburg art cabinet, donated to the university in 1694, belong to the first objects in the collections.

The present collections amount to some 40 000 objects. The collections of older Swedish coins and medals are especially important, together with the collections of coins from the Viking age, early modern European coins and Islamic coins. There is also a numerous collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins with several rarities.

Uppsala University Coin Cabinet contributes to the exhibitions in Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum. Our collections are open for academic research and teaching, in Sweden and internationally. We also provide a resource for the students of Uppsala University in the development of their careers, through the internship program of Gustavianum.

What is Numismatics?

”Numismatics is an academic discipline exploring coins, medals, bank notes, tokens and other means of payment, from antiquity to the present. Follow the links and listen to a few examples from Morgon i P4 Uppland! (in Swedish only). By Christer Engqvist and Mattias Persson. Ylva Haidenthaller, Ragnar Hedlund and Hendrik Mäkeler appear. Below, you can learn more about the objects featured.”

  1. Lydia, Croesus (?), 1/3 Stater, Sardis
  2. Roman Republic, Denarius, P. Sepullius Macer / Gajus Julius Caesar
  3. Sverige, Olov Skötkonung, 1 Penning, Sigtuna
  4. Kina, 1 Guan Da Ming Tong Xing Bao Chao, utan år (1388)
  5. Sverige, Kristina, 8 daler silvermynt 1653, Avesta
  6. Sverige, Palmstruchska banken, Kreditsedel 10 daler silvermynt, 18 maj 1666
  7. Sverige, Gustav II Adolf, medalj till minne av kungens död : Planer IV/57
  8. Sverige, Karl XII, 1 daler silvermynt 1716, Stockholm