Uppsala University Coin Cabinet

About the Uppsala University Coin Cabinet

The Uppsala University Coin Cabinet is one of Sweden's greatest coin and medal collections. It is also one of the few university coin cabinets worldwide.

The Uppsala University Coin Cabinet is located in the University Main Building. The history of the collection goes back to the 17th century.

Coins and medals class with the first objects, which came with the Augsburg Art Cabinet donated to the university in 1694. Following that, the collections have grown and now include coins and medals from the whole world and coins dating back to the inception of coinage some 2600 years ago.

In total, the collection comprises close to 40,000 objects. The collection is above all abound in rare and unusually well preserved Swedish coins and medals. Through its privileged position the university has retained Royal medals and other medals, which have then been preserved, almost entirely untouched, in the collections. A great many of the coins and medals are unique, both those which were minted in Sweden and those which were minted for Sweden during its Era of Great Power in the Swedish possessions.

Added to this is a fine collection of Plate money, including several intrinsically rare items.