Uppsala University Coin Cabinet


The Uppsala University Coin Cabinet is involved in research on the world's numismatic and monetary history.

In this field there are only a few permanently employed numismatists also seen at the international level. That is why there are quite many areas which could be called uncharted or at least scarcely researched. We welcome colleagues and students from Uppsala University to avail of the collections for their research. That is of course even for those who are not from Sweden's eldest university.

In the collections of the Coin Cabinet you can find material about subjects such as economic history, history of ideas and learning (for example history of medicine with medals of notable physicians) art history (through the history quite a number of famous artists created medals) and materials science (coins and medals have been produced out of the most unexpected metals).

Ever since the 17th century, a number of numismatic dissertations has been written and defended at Uppsala University. Most of them are based on the Coin Cabinet's collections.

Research on objects from our collections is facilitated by a research infrastructure project which is intending to digitalize the ancient coins at the Uppsala University Coin Cabinet.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know in which way the coin cabinet could support your questions and research.