Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday: 11 am-4 pm 

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Museum Gustavianum
Museum Gustavianum is one of Uppsala University's museums. The museum is housed in Uppsala University's oldest preserved building with the Anatomical Theatre on the roof. Exhibited at the museum are the Augsburg Art Cabinet, discoveries from the Viking period, the history of the University, mummies and much more.

The name Gustavianum comes from Gustav II Adolf who in the 1620s donated money for its construction. The Gustavianum is Uppsala University’s old main building. Since 1997 it has functioned as the home for Uppsala University’s museum, the Museum Gustavianum.

Our permanent exhibitions are made up of parts of the collections that Uppsala University has gathered since it was founded in 1477. The museum has everything from mummies and viking swords to art and ancient coins. You will also find scientific instruments and other types of objects that tell the history of the university. On the top floor of the building is the Anatomical Theater, built in the 1660s for public dissections.

In our temporary exhibitions, we focus on past, current and future research related to the university.

Temporary exhibitions

The museum also have a number of temporary exhibitions on display. 

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Regular exhibitions

The Art Cabinett, The Anatomical Theatre, (pre)vikings, the History of Uppsala University and much moore.

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Uppsala University Coin Cabinet

The Uppsala University Coin Cabinet, located in the University Main Building, is part of Museum Gustavianum.

Uppsala universitets konstsamlingar

Even the Uppsala University Art Collections are part of Museum Gustavianum. Part of the art collection is on display at Uppsala Art Museum.