The historic collections at Gustavianum are an important part of the university’s cultural heritage. Gustavianum is responsible for making these collections accessible for students and reserachers at university level, as well as displaying them in exhibitions open to the general public.

Gustavianum’s collections – a resource for the university

Gustavianum’s collections are a resource for teaching, research and collaboration at Uppsala University. We aim to make them available for teaching and research as much as possible, but also need to balance this against our responsibility to preserve the collections for the future. Research on human remains must follow our special regulations, which comply with the general guidelines that Uppsala University has developed as well as the guidelines recommended by the International Council of Museums, ICOM.

Visiting the collections
During the summer the front door of Gustavianum's historical collections is locked. Call 018-471 21 00 and we will open. Welcome!
The historic collections at Gustavianum is available for university teachers, students and researchers weekdays between 09.00 and 16.00. We have limited seating in our main study room, so we are grateful if you alert us beforehand of your visit.

To make your visit to our archives as fruitful as possible, we would also appreciate if you send us a rough list of what materials you are interested in working with. Objects that are on display in our museum, on loan to other institutions or under conservation treatment is not available for study or research purposes.

All work on the collections must take place in the assigned areas. Our staff are responsible for getting the collections out of our archive and put it back again. Researchers and students should aim to keep the existing order in the boxes, and any markings must not be removed, added or replaced.

If you plan to do a longer study using our collections we would like you to alerts us well in advance. We will need a brief plan of your research project, an estimate of time needed and what you would like us to help you with. You can normally reserve a study space for a month with us. We can make exceptions for those who have travelled far to work in our archives and for researchers with larger grants covering several years and a multitude of objects.

Within five years of your concluded project we would like to have a preliminary report to keep for our own documentation. After a further five years we reserve have the right to use any unpublished results unless we have come to a special agreement beforehand. This policy stems from our wish to have our collections used actively and published for a wider audience.

Are you a student at Uppsala University and would like to do an internship with us?
Gustavianum welcomes interns who are interested in working with our collections. We have large collections of classical, Nordic and Egyptian archaeological material, science history, art and coins. If you are interested in doing an internship with us, please talk to your own department. Under 2015-2017 we will work with six selected departments and welcome about 20 interns each year.

Research projects
We only process applications for using our collections from graduate students and researchers who are affiliated with a university department and have a research grant or other research-related funding for their work (such as a post for doctoral studies). Graduate students can have access to a specified collection for up to five years. Researchers can apply for access one year at a time. Each yearly renewal is contingent upon a preliminary report on work done so far. These reports will not be included in our open access system until the research project is concluded and published or until five years have passed since completion. If several projects will need access to the same material, Gustavianum will make an assessment on use and access in dialogue with all researchers involved.

Sampling from our collections needs a special permit.

Borrowing material from our collections
We primarily lend from our collections to other museums. Only rarely will we lend material to individual reserachers.

Museum Gustavianum, Historiska Samlingar
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum (EBC)
Kåbovägen 4A
752 36 Uppsala

Phone: (+46) 18 471 21 00

Our collections are a great resource for teaching and research – welcome to use them!

Gustavianum’s collections for a wider audience
Through permanent as well as temporary exhibitions, we make our collections accessible to a wider audience at Gustavianum and elsewhere around the university.

Read more about collections that are on display at the museum.