Research and education

Gustavianum is tasked with being a resource for research and education at the university. Our collections are open to education and research from both Uppsala to international universities and colleges.


One of Gustavianum’s roles is to support research at the University. To this end, our collections are made available to researchers, not only from Uppsala, but also from other universities and centres of higher education. Researchers can work with the Coin Collection in the Coin Cabinet store in the University Main Building; from autumn 2018 the Art Collection will also have an open access store in the University Main Building. The Archaeology and History of Science Collections are accessible in the Museum’s premises on Villavägen, in the same building as the Museum of Evolution.


One of the roles of Gustavianum is to support the educational work of the University. This is achieved through engaging students from the whole University in our activities. Students from all disciplines work as guides and activity assistants in the Museum. There are work experience opportunities with the collections at undergraduate and masters level. Those pursuing research studies are welcome to use our collections of art, coins, history of science and archaeology in our open access stores as research material. In addition, students and their teachers may arrange seminars and lectures based around objects from our collections. We are offering special sessions for students and university teachers, focusing on selected objects from the collections, with a historical theme. The Museum’s curators are frequently asked to act as guest lecturers for educational courses and events, and are happy to do so if time allows.