The contents of the Augsburg Art Cabinet

The whole world was gathered in the Augsburg art cabinet. At least that was the ambition of the author Philipp Hainhofer when he had it put together in the late 1620s. Paired with an extremely exclusive and intricate exterior, it was the ideal gift from the city of Augsburg to the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf when he passed the city in the spring of 1632. Since then it has been in Swedish ownership, and since 1694 at Uppsala University. The content ranges from nature's riches in minerals, shells, fossils, seeds, dried plants and stuffed animals, to things created by man - scientific instruments, clocks, sculptures, medals, books, relics, silversmiths, pharmacy equipment and games etc. Everything fits in drawers, behind doors and in countless maple compartments for the curious to discover.


Last modified: 2021-02-02