Art and Inventories at Linnaeus’ Hammarby

Country accommodation for Professor of botany

Carl von Linnaeus, Professor of Botany and Medicine at Uppsala University, between the years of 1741 and 1778, acquired the Hammarby country estate outside Uppsala in the autumn of 1758.  The family stayed there each summer up until Linnaeus’ death in 1778 when the property became a permanent residence for his widow Sara Elizabeth Linnaeus. At Hammarby there are a number of objects connected to the Linnaeus´ family. A significant part of the inventory and art work has been there since Linnaeus’ days while the rest was acquired by the family after his death. Objects connected to Linnaeus were also acquired at a later date, through gifts from relatives or from purchases. The estate was owned by the family until the Swedish state took it over in 1879.

Exclusive and rustic

Style wise the inventories belong to the artistic expression of the 18th century – styles which these days are usually referred to as late Baroque, rococo and Gustavian. It is an eclectic, yet personal collection of objects of diverse character at Hammarby. There are locally manufactured rustic, household items and utility furniture, upper-class furniture and objets d’art made in Stockholm, portraits made by the period’s most sought after portrait artists, amateur portraits by painter relatives, Swedish made tin and glass, porcelain which travelled on the East India line from Canton in China, simple animal drawings in lead, artistic animal reproductions in oil with Royal provenance, upper-class garments in French silk and modest bed hangings in printed calico.

This mixture of styles, of exclusive and rustic, local and exotic, contributes to a feeling of home rather than a museum. A home that reflects the owner’s interests, but also his social ambitions and economic resources.

An inventory made

Before the 300th anniversary of the birth of Linnaeus in 2007 all the pieces at Hammarby were made an inventory of and photographed. The list of pieces is available to researchers and students (see contact information below).

Visit Linnaeus’s Hammarby

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Contact information

Questions about art and inventories at Linnaeus’ Hammarby can be posed to:

018 – 471 18 30 (direct number to the Art Collections of the University)
018 – 471 00 00 (Uppsala University, switchboard)