Would you like to adopt a statue?

The bulk of Uppsala University's collection of plaster casts has long been hidden in attics and stores. Now, we will – perhaps with your help – be able to display this hidden treasure.

The technique of casting sculptures was already known during classical times and was rediscovered during the 16th and 17th centuries. In order to spread knowledge about the archaeological finds of classical masterpieces that were emerging from Italy, and which were considered to represent the ideal of beauty, European royals ordered costly casts for their collections and academic institutions acquired them for teaching purposes.

Uppsala University possesses one of very few collections of such casts Sweden. It was acquired mainly during the mid 19th century for its educational value in academic education.

Students drew the classical models to help them understand the idea of ​​ideal beauty. The casts could also provide an overview of the history of sculpture in one location.

Today, the goal is to be able to once again display the collection and make it available for teaching and to the general public. With the help of skilled conservators, this vision will become a reality.

About 100 sculptures are in need of conservation; you have the opportunity to contribute to this important work by either adopting a sculpture, purchasing a beautiful poster or making a donation.

Read more at http://www.uu.se/konstskatten about how you can help save the collection.