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You can browse through the Coin Cabinet’s collection here:

We are continually working on cataloguing the coins from the systematic collection. That is why not all of the Swedish coins and medals in the collection have been included yet.


Our collections are digitized in, a digital platform for cultural heritage collections. The new portal provides a wide range of state of the art functionality and adds exciting new insights to the field of numismatics as it integrates our holdings with corresponding paintings, manuscripts and archival records. It also allows us to link references to full bibliographical records in order to make our collections more accessible to non-specialists. Alvin also ensures that the information will be accessible on a long-term basis.

All images from Uppsala University Coin Cabinet in Alvin - portal for cultural heritage collections can be downloaded in print quality. They may be used free of charge both commercially and non-commercially.

Our collections of ancient coins and Swedish coins from Charles XII to the present have been digitized in Alvin. Since 2018, we are digitizing our collections of Swedish royal medals. Our collections of Chinese and Japanese coins are also online since 2019. Several other projects are planned and ongoing. The projects are enabled by generous grants from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation) and the Sven Svensson Foundation for Numismatics.