Museum lessons

Museum lessons differ from the guided tours in that they are more directly linked to the preschool / school curricula and to particular courses. The museum lessons are learning opportunities that include active student participation and often even a practical activity.

To discuss arrangements before the visit, please contact our museum teacher:
Leif Hallsén, Qualified teacher and museum educator

The Nile Valley for younger pupils (preschool – year 3)

We walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Egyptians and relate what we see to the children's own experience and reality. Among other things, the children meet mummies, crocodiles and hieroglyphs, and we talk about life as well as death in Ancient Egypt. The children's own norms and values ​​are challenged while learning more about our history.

It is also possible for the children to visit the Vault where exciting hieroglyphic challenges or craft activities await.

Duration: about 1 hour
Number of children: about 20

Asine - there and back (years 4-7)

In this museum lesson, the students become the main actors in a story where they face an exciting archaeological mission. We use archaeological finds from Uppsala University collections originating from the excavations of the Ancient Greek city of Asine. Students will be able to interpret and evaluate historical remains, thus increasing their understanding of what information these sources can give.

Duration: about 1 hour and 15 minutes
Number of children: about 20

Hamberg’s last expedition (preschool class – year 2)

Professor Axel Hamberg made many exciting expeditions to measure and map places around the world. In this museum lesson, the students themselves become members of an expedition to discover and map a fictitious undiscovered land area, a so-called "white spot on the map".

Duration: about 1 hour
Maximum group size: 30 students

Measuring freely is great, but measuring correctly is greater (years 3 – 6)

During this lesson important scientific discoveries and experiments are demonstrated - such as the fact that white light actually contains all the colours of the rainbow and that magnetism and electricity are related phenomena. Students also conduct collaborative exercises linked to the measurement of weight, length and time, while learning more about the amazing history of measurement.

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum group size: 30 students