Rent Gustavianum

Gustavianum can be rented in its entirety outside normal opening hours. We have four floors of exhibition space including the Anatomical Theatre. Food and drink can be served on the landings of the central stairwell. The building can accommodate up to 400 people.

Access to the venue

The premises are only available during the hours that they have been booked. Delivery of catering or clean up after the event must always be done within the time of your booking. We charge by the hour; if a customer uses the venue beyond the booked time each new hour will be charged in full.


If the booking is cancelled 15-30 days prior to the booked date, half of the rent will be charged. If cancelled 0-14 days prior to the booked date, the entire amount will be charged.

Food and Drink

All food and drink on our premises must be ordered through Uppsala University’s contracted caterers. The organisers are responsible for contacting the caterers themselves. Please note that it is not permitted to bring your own food or beverages to the premises or to use other catering firms than those contracted by the university.

Food and beverages may only be consumed in designated places in the building. Due to the historically sensitive environment, there are certain limitations on what can be served. Red wine and other beverages that can stain the floors may not be served in the building.

guided tours at Gustavianum

Why not combine business with pleasure? Order a guided tour of Gustavianum in connection with your venue booking. Our educators and student guides are happy to show around larger and smaller groups in the museum. A guided tour must be booked no later than one week in advance. Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the booked date, otherwise the entire amount will be charged.

If you are interested in booking a guided tour, please use our booking form or email us at We only accept booking inquiries via booking form or email.