More visitors than ever before at Gustavianum


During 2017, Gustavianum had 90,069 visitors. This is an increase of over 8% compared to 2016. In addition, nearly 1,500 students and researchers have worked in the museum's archaeological and science-historical collections in the archive collections.

“It's really fun that so many continue to visit us. In 2017 we opened two new exhibitions that in unexpected ways showed the art of measuring scientifically, and attracting a partially new audience to the museum”, says museum director Marika Hedin. “We have also inspired several students and teachers at the university to immerse themselves in the history of measurement”.

The museum's popular programme activities have linked the theme of measurements in 2017.

”This year the programme has been planned in collaboration with researchers and students from the technical and natural sciences”, says Cecilia Ödman, responsible for the museum's public activities.

Gustavianum is responsible for Uppsala University's major art collections of art, archeology and science history. During 2017 the art collection has been given special care.

“Paintings that have previously suffered in the castle's dry climate are now being looked over. We have also restored several key works in connection with the renovation of the University Main Building. This spring our art and coin collections will open for students and researchers in newly renovated premises at the University Main Building”, says deputy museum director Mikael Ahlund.

Together with the National Property Board, Uppsala University will in 2018 plan how the Gustavianum building can carefully be adapted to modern climate and safety requirements. The museum is now collaborating with the museums at, among others, Cambridge and Harvard University about joint programmes and exhibitions.

”We will be able to show more of Uppsala University's magnificent collections as well as borrowed, larger exhibitions on different subjects”, says Marika Hedin.

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