Gustavianum plans to renovate its building


Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum, looks after many unique and fragile objects – Egyptian mummies, Roman and Greek collections, archaeological finds from the Viking period, sensitive works of art, delicate scientific instruments from various eras – and much more. All these historic collections must be stored and displayed with care. Air humidity, light and temperature changes are factors that can cause damage and destroy the Museum’s treasures.

To overcome these challenges, plans have been drawn up to improve Gustavianum’s ability to function as a museum in the future. Most importantly, this involves changing the indoor climate in the exhibition rooms. Modern technology will enable the regulation of air humidity and temperature, so that these remain as uniform and stable as possible. In this way, both the Museum objects and the building will be healthier and seasonal and weather-related variations will be reduced.

Uppsala University, together with the National Property Board, is planning a careful renovation of Gustavianum. The building itself will not be changed – as a building of major historical and cultural significance it must be treated with great care. The work will instead involve the installation of a new air conditioning system that will enable control of air humidity and temperature in the exhibition rooms. Another result of the work is that the Museum’s total exhibition area will increase.

Gustavianum plans to close from October 1st 2019. The work is estimated to take almost two years and the Museum expects to be able to reopen during 2022.

Contact persons regarding the renovations of Gustavianum:
Mikael Ahlund, museum director -
Emma Hocker, senior restorer -