On going at Gustavianum

Gustavianum is closed for renovation

The renovation will, above all, improve the environmental conditions for exhibited objects, as well as increase the total area of exhibition space. The renovation work is being conducted by Sweden´s National Property Board, in close collaboration with Uppsala University. The work is estimated to be completed within three years.

Gustavianum is itself a unique building of a major historical significance that must be treated with great care. The building including the Anatomical Theatre, will not be altered. The careful renovation will instead focus on improving the existing building´s ability to function as a museum, where the collections can be better preserved for the future. When the doors re-open, the visitors will experience a unique university museum of world class.

Open Storage Facilities

Although Gustavianum is closed to the public during the renovation work, Uppsala University Museum’s other activities continue as usual. The external storage facilities in University Main Building and on Villavägen are still open for students and researchers. Gustavianum’s historical collections, the Art Collection and Coin Cabinet, received more than 1700 visitors during 2019 and they continue to welcome students accompanied by their teachers, and researchers. As a student at Uppsala University it is also possible to work with the collections as an intern. Each year, Gustavianum hosts around 30 students from a range of educational programmes for internships in the storage facilities.

Public events during Autumn 2020

Events for the public, such as guided tours, talks and family activities, are continuing throughout the renovation period, though to a reduced extent and at alternative locations. During Autumn 2020 all the storage facilities in the University Main Building and on Villavägen will open for ‘behind the scenes’ special events: curators and researchers will offer guided tours and reveal the fascinating background and stories connected with scientific instruments, archaeological coins and unique works of art. During the Autumn half-term holiday, Gustavianum will also be a guest at the Museum of Evolution, with a family activity about Egyptian Mummies. More detailed information about these special events will be published on Gustavianum’s website during August/September.